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Imposter Syndrome




3 Hours


About the Course

Ask anyone in any position enough questions and you will find they are likely managing their own bit of insecurities and are likely managing their own Imposter Syndrome. This is a real issue that people in every role and at every level has experienced in their professional careers. We'll dive into the make up of Imposter Syndrome, how to identify your own Imposter Syndrome and learn techniques to use what you learn to your advantage and tackle your fears!

Your Instructor

Leeanne McManus

Leeanne McManus

Leeanne brings a unique technical background and people-focused aptitude to guide teams in high-energy, dynamic and high-velocity learning.  She leads with a passion for engaging, improving and focusing on how to leverage technology to improve overall performance and exceed business objectives.  Her specialty is to meet teams where they are, and apply Agile and Change Management techniques to help teams to achieve their goals.

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