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Zero to




8 Weeks


About the Course

This hands-on, immersive learning experience will take a novice software developer to a hero developer in a matter of weeks! The full-stack learning will not only start with the basics, but will discover the most currently implemented technologies in the industry today. Learners will work in teams through this journey, relying on and mentoring, one another! The best part of this journey, in addition to the technologies learned, the project deliverables and the team comradery found, are the highly-experienced facilitators and coaches in this experience! Learners have the perfect opportunity to continually learn, have the space and encouragement to make mistakes and iterate on those failures, or.... learnings if you will.

Your Instructor

Jase King

Jase King

Jase loves to teach!  After 23 years in the "code-mines", he's finally surfaced to help guide teams through the process of getting set up to succeed, agile delivery and onboarding.  His deep expertise has been as a developer, team lead, technical coordinator, architect and instructor.

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